I’ve been reminded that it’s sometime since I did an update.

Since my last “update” we have moved from Buderim to North Lakes.  This happened in May this year, and is a story in itself.  While we got a top price for our Buderim house, like everyone, we then had difficulty “snagging” ourselves a replacement, even though we had a 60 day settlement – which we thought would be more than enough.

We booked the four cats, Tommy and Riley, the two gingers, Frankie, our old one-eyed fellow, and young Oskar (aka Ozzie), the three year old Maine Coon into Hobbits Knob Cat Retreat at Chevallum for a few days to cover the actual move.  We find it’s too stressful for the cats to be around while their original home is being emptied of furniture, so better to put them into a wonderful place like Hobbits Knob, which is where our cats stayed when we moved to Buderim.  They did a wonderful job, again, of looking after our cats, who were quite happy when we collected them.

In our house-hunting we looked at a lot of houses, and were fortunate enough to come across this house, which had been rented (not so fortunate!) and was empty, when we had only a couple of weeks till settlement.  While we’ve had to do a lot to the house, as it had not been cared for properly, it’s a lovely property with a park across the road, and the now defunct golf course directly behind that.

Apparently – although it seems we won’t have any building across from us – there are plans to build a retirement village on part of the “old” golf course, and Ken and I joke that we won’t have to move far when this, far too large, house becomes too much for us.

We have what you would call a quite large water feature courtyard, which Ken initially enclosed for the cats.  After we had had some paving done in that area, which then connected it to the existing covered outside area, Ken extended the enclosure to include the whole area.

We now have a pool as well, and the cats enjoy being outside with the pool view, particularly when the solar lights come on at night.

There is another large undercover outside area at the front of the house, and this will also be enclosed for them at some later date.  Photos of these areas are included.

Our cats are all well, and had their annual check-ups and ‘flu shots last week.  Next week Ozzie is having a much needed haircut, which will give me a break for a few months from the chore of brushing him.  He has a very heavy, silky, long coat which needs constant brushing.  Fortunately he loves being brushed, but does insist on wandering around with me following, brush in hand, trying to coax him to lie down and let me get on with it.  It’s great fun, so far as he’s concerned.

Old one-eyed Frankie has a heavy medium length coat, which also needs regular brushing.  We’ve invested in a “shedder”, about $75.00 at Petbarn, which is wonderful for removing the loose and partly matted fur in his coat.  However, it doesn’t work with Ozzie, whose coat is very long, but I can certainly recommend acquiring one of these “shedders” if you have a Persian, or similar long-haired cat, as it will work well with those sorts of fur coats.  Ozzie’s coat is very long and fine, so it doesn’t seem to do the job.  I finish Frankie’s “shedding” with a good brush, which he also enjoys.

The two gingers, Tommy and Riley, having short coats, are easy care, when they’re not squabbling, as there seems to be some rivalry between them for some reason.  Each cat has his own personality, of course, and they’re all fairly easy going, with the exception of Tommy who gets a “bee in his bonnet” about Riley every now and then.  I suspect it’s jealousy, as Tommy is very possessive of Ken and guards his “interest” carefully.

Fortunately, Ozzie, who is three now and about 10kg, is very placid, and if Tommy, the smallest cat, jumps on him, Ozzie just shrugs him off.  He gets on with all the cats, thank goodness, and us, as he is a big boy, and still growing.

Well, that’s about it.  We’ve been here for five months and are gradually getting organised.  We are, of course, “fed up” (no doubt like everyone) with the restrictions imposed because of COVID-19, and are looking forward to life getting back to something resembling normal – whatever that will be from now on!

We thank you for taking the time to read this little “homily”, and wish you and yours, and your lovely cats, all the best for Christmas 2021 and the New Year.  Let’s hope that life will improve a great deal in 2022!  We shall just have to wait and see, I guess.

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