V & M’s magnificent cat run (stage one)

V & M’s rear of house cat run is 7 metres long and 4 metres wide which would make most cats extremely happy.

Amazingly, this magnificent cat run is V & M’s stage one for their five cats and two dogs, and is such a success that an extension twice the size of the original (13 m long and 4 m wide) has now been constructed that completely covers their garden. As you can see they followed the contours of the rock wall and into the garden bed.


no holes cat runs 2

Wasabi’s cat run

S & K wanted to give their beautiful Birman a cat run as a 2011 Christmas present but they thought it would be very difficult as they are renting and did’nt want to drill any holes, so between us we worked out how to build an cat run for Wasabi.

By attaching the side to the downpipe, using hooks into the gutter and squeezing a length of timber on the pavers between the house and the fence they were able to complete the cat run without any drilling.

This is what S & K had to say when they had finished.

“A big thankyou from us and of course Wasabi, she is delighted with her new cat run, never seen her happier. We have passed the word around to friends and the local vet saying how impressed we are with your company”.

Adrian's large cat runs 2

AJ’s WA cat run

AJ, in Western Australia has installed this fantastic, 4.5 metre wide, side of house cat run in 2011.

AJ has since sold his house and the buyers loved the cat run so much that he left it behind and he is currently building a second cat run for his new house.

AJ’s brother, Luke liked what he saw and has now installed his own very long side of house cat run featured in “Luke’s cat run”



Luke's long cat run

Luke’s cat run

Luke has a very long and narrow side of house cat run, it’s 15.4 metres long and 1.3 metres wide.

Luke visited his brother who had recently installed a large cat run, and was so impressed with his brother AJ’s cat enclosure, that he decided to install one at his own home so his cat could get some fresh air, night and day.


Ash's cat runs 3

Ash’s cat run in WA

Ash’s side of house cat run

Ash lives in WA and chose CatSafe for his cat run, which is 4.9 metres long and 2.2 metres wide, is on the western side of his house.

Ash wanted some extra protection for his cats during the middle of summer so he placed a tarp on top of the netting over part of the cat run for extra shade.

If you cover your own cat enclosure or cat run with a tarp, remember to make sure you have enough slope on the roof panel for rainwater run-off and also install extra support cords so they will support the netting and the tarp in the event of a downpour.