diagonal gardeb bed cat runs 7

Fluffy Tigers new cat enclosure

Heidi & Matt installed this great cat enclosure for Fluffy Tiger.

As you can see, this cat enclosure attaches to the fascia and diagonally across to the edge of the pavers, so its 60cm at the top and 3 metres at the bottom with triangular sections at each end. This is a very good option if your boundary fence is not close and at 3 metres wide, your cats will have plenty of space to play and explore at ground level.

This small photo shows Fluffy Tiger’s first inspection of his new run, he looks delighted and a little bewildered at being outside for the first time!.

Fluffy Tiger


Riley’s new California USA cat enclosure.

CatSafe quality cat enclosures goes international with our first overseas customer . Chris is in California, USA.

“I’m so glad I found CatSafe! The enclosure was easy to install thanks to the personalized instructions that were included, and it cost much less than one would expect. Not only do my cats love their new enclosure, I love it too! It has allowed me the freedom to let my kitties safely go outside without my constant presence and that means more freedom for me and them!

Before installing the netting, I couldn’t let them out unless I was planning on sitting in a chair on the patio the entire time in order to watch them. Now, when I get up in the morning and they are crying to go out, I can let them out and then go about my morning routine. Of course, I do continue to monitor them, only not nearly as much. They all love it, but especially my Himalayan, Riley loves going outside, climbing to the top of his cat tree and sitting on the top rung, where he is able to look at the activities of squirrels and people in the area. I just wish that everyone who has indoor cats would make the small investment required to provide their cats with the high quality enrichment that a CatSafe enclosure allows them.

Thanks so much CatSafe!

Sincerely, Chris in California”


catsafe california

Rufus’s new cat enclosure

Ron in South Australia, has a pool at one end of this area and a garage at the other end so we designed this cat enclosure with two ends, each with an entry zip.

With individual, detailed drawings and installation instructions, Ron had no difficulty installing and a couple of days after receiving it in the mail, Ron sent this photo and his assessment.

“All installed and I love it and it looks great!!!.”

“Rufus, my 9 month old Bengal is very happy to be outside for the first time!.”


oska cat runs 1

Roxy’s new cat enclosure

Dear Ken and Catsafe team,

I’ve been meaning to email and thank you since we installed the cat enclosure for our cat Roxy. It is so fantastic to have our minds at ease and to allow Roxy to spend time outside when we are home or out. We contacted you about ordering the cat enclosure after Roxy went missing for 4 days. We were absolutely heartbroken as we had tried to keep her within the confines of the garden by trimming tree branches and keeping an eye on her. But, being a cat, she found her way out of the garden. We eventually found her petrified under the house 2 doors down, presumably bullied under there by some of the other neighbourhood cats.

We were so happy to find something affordable that would keep her contained and safe, and she loves spending time out there. You were so efficient and helpful in suggesting options that could work for us too. It has really put my mind at ease, she means so much to us that I couldn’t bear the thought of her going missing again.




Hayley cat runs 3

Toby and Dipsey’s new cat enclosure

“I have finally finished my cat enclosure! And attached a few pics of Toby and Dipsey enjoying their new found ‘freedom’!

I have cc’d my parents in this email as I wanted to say a huge thank you to all of you! It was a bit worrying moving house and having big dogs next door, but thanks to you and your wife at CatSafe, and my parents for helping me to install it, they are now perfectly happy with the world in full view!

And it looks great too!”

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