courtyard cat runs 3

Oska’s new cat run

Oska“As you can see from the two photos Oska loves his new world, there is so much room and so many new adventures to have each day.

The enclosure is great everyone comments on it and how transparent it is as well, as you can also see from the photo it’s hard to see.

I was a little wary about buying off the Net and self installing however it was so easy to deal with you and Ken and install although a little tricky in some area was not beyond the average joe to do. This has saved me a lot of money on the cage variety of cat enclosures and most importantly Oska loves it….

A big thanks from us and Oska.”

CJ of Perth & Fraidie Cat

CJ-FraidieCatFraidie Cat enjoying her new outdoor home, which is an enclosed verandah in stone beige netting.

CJ is using shade cloth for extra sun protection and Fraidie Cat has a whole new world to explore.

Enclosing their verandah means that the whole family can enjoy the area and interact together.

Click on the photo for more detail.

RB of Maroochydore

CatEnclosureAnother two spoilt pussy cats now have their own side of house cat enclosure in black netting.

RB has use some synthetic grass on the gravel for them to lie on.

The 2.5 metre “L” shaped entry zip is fully open in this photo but would normally be closed.

Click on the photo for an enlarged view showing more detail.