Robyn Roberts:

Robyn looks after the customer service side of CatSafe and has been an avid cat lover all her life.  She feels that domestic cats have been unfairly branded environmental vandals, and is also concerned at what seems to be a great increase in reported animal cruelty, to dogs as well as cats.
Robyn is passionate about her three cats’ safety and well-being, and they have all been brought up as in-house cats and all her cats, past and present, have had enclosures for the last twenty years.

Robyn also loves to feed the local native birds, and having her cats contained enables her to do this, and the cats enjoy seeing the different wild birds.

Robyn is also keen to ensure that her cats do not, and are seen not to, do environmental damage.

Ken Roberts:

Ken looks after the quoting, development and manufacturing side of CatSafe, and was previously instrumental in developing Nu Steel Kit Homes nationally from 1982.  Ken sold his Nu Steel Cairns in 1986, in Gosford in 1988, on the Sunshine Coast in 1996, and in  Brisbane in 2007, when he retired.

Ken has applied his kit home skills in designing CatSafe™ systems in a form and at a cost that are affordable to most cat owners.  CatSafe cat runs and cat enclosures are made of modern, high quality materials and are individually designed from each customer’s photos to suit their specific needs, and also the needs of their cat (or cats).