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If you thought netting outdoor cat enclosures and cat runs were expensive or out of your price range, think again.

In 2021 the average price for all patio cat enclosures was $500.00,

and the average price for all side of house cat runs was $550.00,

and that includes a large 2.5 metre entry zip and also includes postage.

CatSafe™ founded the business with the simple objective of helping cat lovers with all budgets, to find a solution to keep their treasured pets safe whilst giving them added freedom to exercise and enjoy the outdoors.

It’s an investment that can save you hundreds and possibly even thousands of dollars in vet bills and the value of peace of mind knowing your precious pats are safe is priceless.

We could operate in a small geographic area and personally visit, measure and quote for each cat enclosure and we then also make another visit and install each one but if we did all that it would cost you thousands in labour, travel, petrol and a few hundred dollars for the cat enclosure itself. We would also not be able to supply customers outside our small geographic area

We decided to use a more modern approach, using emails, so now with a couple of digital photos and the basic dimensions we can see exactly what your area looks like, whilesaving you thousands, and also we can supply customers all over Australia and occasionally overseas.

We also decided to produce detailed step by step installation instructions manuals that you can access with a password, together with a detailed drawing and specific individual step by step instructions based on your photos of your cat enclosure or cat run area so you can install the cat enclosure yourself, or even better, with the help of a few friends, have fun putting it together.

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