Custom built netting outdoor cat runs and cat enclosures usually cost a fortune, but with a couple of photos and a few basic dimensions, emailed to us, we can supply your own, custom built enclosure at a fraction of the usual price…

In 2021 our patio cat enclosures average at $500.00 and side of house cat runs average at $550.00 (including postage).

So what makes us affordable?

If we used traditional methods, we would personally visit, measure and quote for each cat enclosure or cat run. We would also make a return visit and install each one but if we did all that it would cost a fortune in wages, car expenses, plus and extra 10% GST on top , and by comparison, very little cost for the materials for cat enclosure or cat run itself.

We looked for a more cost effective option and decided to use emails, so now, when you send us a couple of your photos and basic dimensions we can achieve the same results and save you all those traditional costs.

To make installation as easy as possible, we use your photos to produce individual detailed step by step installation instructions together with a detailed and numbered drawing of your cat enclosure or cat run . These instructions are based on your photos of your cat enclosure area so you can easily install your netting cat enclosure yourself or with the help of a few friends.

How is this different and more affordable? We have removed all the expensive overheads and are left with the small cost of the cat enclosure or cat run itself.

Combining Ken’s extensive expertise in kit design with Robyn’s love of cats and our concern for the welfare of cats in general, (Robyn’s four cats in particular), we have developed affordable cat enclosures and cat runs under the CatSafe™ brand.

The result is a system that enables cat lovers to design their very own individual netting cat enclosure (with Ken’s assistance). Once the design is finalised and the quote approved, Ken will put together the cat enclosure or cat run, and together with his detailed step-by-step instructions produced from your own photos, which will enable you to assemble your own personalised outdoor cat enclosure, at a fraction of the cost of comparable cat enclosures.

CatSafe™ enclosures use only the finest available netting and modern fixing materials to ensure the finished enclosure is aesthetically pleasing and very durable.

All our outdoor cat enclosures and cat runs have a 10 year netting guarantee.10 Year Guarantee

CatSafe™ would like every cat owner to be able to afford to install an enclosure or cat run for the safety and happiness of their cats, and for their owners’ peace of mind. To this end we have developed a system, in kit form, which is simple for cat owners to put together, and have reduced the cost of the cat enclosures so that almost everybody can afford to buy one.

Robyn & I are delighted to have supplied over 600 cat enclosures to cat lovers in every state in Australia.