Throughout Australia, netting cat enclosures or cat runs are an excellent way to allow your cat to enjoy the outdoors while still being contained, during the day, and also at night.

Your pets are able to enjoy fresh air and sunshine, which can only be good for their general health and wellbeing. Cats also like to spend time outside at night, and an  outdoor cat enclosure is an excellent worry-free way for them to be able to do so.

CatSafe outdoor cat enclosures and cat runs provide your precious pets with the following benefits:

  1. Protection from dogs and other predators
  2. Protection from other cats in your neighborhood
  3. Increased life expectancy, reduced incidence of disease (e.g. feline AIDS) due to cat fights, reduced injuries.
  4. Reduced vet bills as a result of injury and disease
  5. Safety from cars and traffic
  6. Fresh air and exercise
  7. Your local wildlife is protected
  8. Your cats are not seen as environmental vandals, but as cuddly pets.
  9. Your neighbours are protected from nocturnal cats and will be happy with your consideration
  10. On average, your precious pets will live an extra 10 years longer than cats that are not confined
  11. More social interaction between you and your precious cats
  12. High quality, low visibility polyethylene netting in black or beige


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Catsafe patio cat enclosures ave $385 & side of house cat runs ave $475

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