Cat Heaven in Buderim

Having moved seven times in fifteen years (usually to accommodate our boats which needed to be in marinas!) we’ve now arrived at what we, and the cats, think is heaven.  We found a lovely house on the top of Buderim, right by Buderim Forest, and about a 20 minute walk to Buderim Falls.

Our house is two storey with a 9m x 4m (approx) deck, which we’ve fully enclosed for our three cats.  We also have a wonderful, almost rainforest, back garden, and the deck is level with the tops of the trees growing there, as our garden drops away sharply to a much lower level.  The only house we can actually see from the front of the deck is the roof of the house next door.  We also look across to the Blackall Range with lots of forest in between, and not a house to be seen.  And we have a very large hoop pine tree growing at the corner of the deck, which is lovely.

The cats were a bit puzzled by the birds flying past at deck level,  but have now become used to it.  We also have a large possum, with her baby on her back, who visits regularly.  Ken has netted the whole area outside the large timber walk-around (for the cats!) railing, and they love it.  They also have four cat trees and lots of chairs and a sun lounge to lie on.  They do allow us some space on occasions if we ask nicely!


Buderim deck right hand end

Buderim deck right hand end

As the deck roof has been added later we had to enclose the gap between the house roof and the deck roof to stop the cats (only the young one, really!) escaping onto the roof – not a good idea as the house is very high and the land drops away sharply at the back.

Buderim deck

This photo shows the right hand front of the deck enclosure and the roof of our neighbour’s house.

Buderim deck l/h front

This photo shows the left hand end of the deck enclosure and some of our wonderful view.  The hoop pine is shown on the corner where the stair landing is – and that’s young 9 month old Tommy sitting on the table!

Buderim deck l/h end

This photo shows the right hand end of the deck enclosure – and the end of Tommy’s tail!


This photo shows the entry zip in the deck enclosure above the stairs, and that’s Tommy again, wandering along the railing.

This deck measures 8.6 metres long x 3.7 metres wide x 2.7 metres high and is quoted at $659.00 (including delivery).  The extra netting we used to enclose between the tiled house roof and the deck roof would be an extra if required.


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