Roxy’s new cat enclosure

Dear Ken and Catsafe team,

I’ve been meaning to email and thank you since we installed the cat enclosure for our cat Roxy. It is so fantastic to have our minds at ease and to allow Roxy to spend time outside when we are home or out. We contacted you about ordering the cat enclosure after Roxy went missing for 4 days. We were absolutely heartbroken as we had tried to keep her within the confines of the garden by trimming tree branches and keeping an eye on her. But, being a cat, she found her way out of the garden. We eventually found her petrified under the house 2 doors down, presumably bullied under there by some of the other neighbourhood cats.

We were so happy to find something affordable that would keep her contained and safe, and she loves spending time out there. You were so efficient and helpful in suggesting options that could work for us too. It has really put my mind at ease, she means so much to us that I couldn’t bear the thought of her going missing again.




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