Jenna & Steve’s New Cat Run

Jenny & Steve are kitten foster carers for The AWL at Coombabah in Qld and do a fantastic job socialising some of the 600 kittens handed in to the AWL every year. In January 2012 we adopted “Tiger” a 10 week old kitten from the AWL and he fitted in with our three adult cats without a single hitch thanks to volunteers like Jenna & Steve.

Their CatSafe side of house cat run is 6.7 metres long and 2.3 metres wide, with a 2.5 metre entry zip.

Here’s what they had to say after they installed their cat run:

“A big thanks to Ken and Robyn from the native wildlife and our cats for such a wonderful product. The cat enclosure keeps our feline friends safe while allowing them to spend time outdoors like nature intended!”

“Easy to install with quality materials, the 10 year guarantee keeps my mind at peace while I’m not at home with my cats”.

“We would highly recommend this product to any cat lover”.

Jenna and Steve Dawson.

jenna & steve after cat runs 1jenna & steve before cat runs 1

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