Riley’s new California USA cat enclosure.

CatSafe quality cat enclosures goes international with our first overseas customer . Chris is in California, USA.

“I’m so glad I found CatSafe! The enclosure was easy to install thanks to the personalized instructions that were included, and it cost much less than one would expect. Not only do my cats love their new enclosure, I love it too! It has allowed me the freedom to let my kitties safely go outside without my constant presence and that means more freedom for me and them!

Before installing the netting, I couldn’t let them out unless I was planning on sitting in a chair on the patio the entire time in order to watch them. Now, when I get up in the morning and they are crying to go out, I can let them out and then go about my morning routine. Of course, I do continue to monitor them, only not nearly as much. They all love it, but especially my Himalayan, Riley loves going outside, climbing to the top of his cat tree and sitting on the top rung, where he is able to look at the activities of squirrels and people in the area. I just wish that everyone who has indoor cats would make the small investment required to provide their cats with the high quality enrichment that a CatSafe enclosure allows them.

Thanks so much CatSafe!

Sincerely, Chris in California”


catsafe california

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