Timmy, Henry, Rupert & Sebastian’s cat enclosure

claire-cat-enclosureClaire’s Patio Cat Enclosure

Claire’s patio cat enclosure is 6.1 metres long and 2.9 metres high and chose to enclose a triangular corner of her home on the Sunshine Coast with a CatSafe cat enclosure. Claire chose stone beige netting and installed a vertical 2.5 metre entry zip, instead of the usual “J” shaped entry zip.

This is what Claire had to say:

Just a quick note and picture to say we successfully installed the cat enclosure and the boys love it. Timmy (ragdoll), Henry (Burmese) and Rupert (chinchilla) are happy to look at the outside world, Sebastian (domestic med hair) however thinks it is a great climbing apparatus!!

Thanks again we love it and we are very happy with your product and service

Kind regards

Under eaves cat enclosure

We didn’t follow the instructions exactly. My brother is a builder and had his own ideas!! I was a bit nervous, but it turned out well. Our boy is still learning how to use the cat flap but likes going out there.

We usually suggest and supply only tension cords for each external corner, but “the builder” has also incorporated white PVC pipe as you can see (not a bad idea at all). The under eaves cat enclosure are the least expensive of all.

Blackjack’s new cat enclosure


Hi Robyn & Ken

We ordered from Catsafe because of the affordability to get a DIY kit. We were a little overwhelmed when everything arrived in kit form, but Ken labels everything so well and provides so much installation help and advice it is impossible to get it wrong! It was a challenge for us to put it all up but one we enjoyed and we saved well over $1,000 doing it ourselves. We are so thrilled with the results as now our cat can come and go as he chooses without feeling like he is in a zoo. An added bonus is that the netting affords very slight shade and rain protection too and it keeps other unwanted wildlife out when we sit out there. We are extremely pleased with the results!

Kind regards


Catsafe Cat Enclosure

Harvey’s new cat enclosure

This is a great example of a very inexpensive, side of house, cat run.

It gives Harvey plenty of room to move and gives peace of mind to Harvey’s MUM knowing he is safe.

“We plan to add a couple of shelves high up but he is enjoying the branches .

Thanks again for your help and instructions for installation. Harvey enjoys his time outside”.

Side of House cat enclosure

      This is a good example of a modern side of house cat enclosure.

As you can see, this customer preferred to use a hardwood strip against the wall rather than use masonry fixings.

They used the same system on the colorbond fence, which avoided having screws pocking through the neighboures side.

The cat enclosure is almost finished, it just needs the entry zip at this end.


V & M’s stage 2 cat enclosure

As you can see V & M are animal lovers

Stage One of their cat enclosure was a very large 7 metres long and 4 metres wide as shown in Galley 6, but Stage Two is a massive 13 metres long and 4 metres wide which now covers the rest of the back garden.

This is what V & M have to say “people come over and they are enthralled at the enclosure- we cannot stop telling them how you guys send us stuff all nicely labelled with painstakingly drawn instructions..so we are doing our bit and we are happy that the cats are in the enclosure about 80% of the time.Cheers,V

V & M3 V & M2

V & M1

Catsafe Cat Enclosure

Tassie cat enclosure

“We now have 99% of the netting installed.

Just need to finish off the zip and tidy up the excess edges.

Our cat has been out enjoying his freedom.

Both Jude and I have enjoyed putting it up.”

CatSafe Enclosure

Four very happy cats

“I had a few issues as it’s a difficult site, however, the final cat enclosure is great and I have four very happy cats, Thanks again”