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Kerrie before cat runsKerrie after cat runs

This was our very first customer in August 2009

This is a current customer in 2019


V & M’s stage 2 cat enclosure

As you can see V & M are animal lovers

Stage One of their cat enclosure was a very large 7 metres long and 4 metres wide as shown in Galley 6, but Stage Two is a massive 13 metres long and 4 metres wide which now covers the rest of the back garden.

This is what V & M have to say “people come over and they are enthralled at the enclosure- we cannot stop telling them how you guys send us stuff all nicely labelled with painstakingly drawn instructions..so we are doing our bit and we are happy that the cats are in the enclosure about 80% of the time.Cheers,V

V & M3 V & M2

V & M1

Catsafe Cat Enclosure

Tassie cat enclosure

“We now have 99% of the netting installed.

Just need to finish off the zip and tidy up the excess edges.

Our cat has been out enjoying his freedom.

Both Jude and I have enjoyed putting it up.”