2013 Customer


” I have finally got around to finishing off the cat net repair and it all looks good.

Thanks so much for your continued assistance with my cat enclosure, Oska loves his enclosure and so do I.

Your continued support after all this time is great, it is very rare these days to have the company you brought your product off still offering support and assistance when there are issues after all this time.

Attached are two photos of Oska in his enclosure, it is quite big as it goes down one side of my house where the carport is located so it hard to photograph the size however these photos show Oska enjoying his enclosure”.

Regards   KH


These pampered pets have the best of both worlds, a garden to explore, shade from the sun, cat trees, places to snooze and they even lets the humans use it for barbeques.


Magnificent Enclosed Deck

What a magnificent job this owner has done installing the cat enclosure for their deck, the boss is inspecting the finished product and appears suitably impressed.