These pampered pets have the best of both worlds, a garden to explore, shade from the sun, cat trees, places to snooze and they even lets the humans use it for barbeques.


Magnificent Enclosed Deck

What a magnificent job this owner has done installing the cat enclosure for their deck, the boss is inspecting the finished product and appears suitably impressed.

Under eaves cat enclosure

We didn’t follow the instructions exactly. My brother is a builder and had his own ideas!! I was a bit nervous, but it turned out well. Our boy is still learning how to use the cat flap but likes going out there.

We usually suggest and supply only tension cords for each external corner, but “the builder” has also incorporated white PVC pipe as you can see (not a bad idea at all). The under eaves cat enclosure are the least expensive of all.

V & M’s magnificent cat run (stage one)

V & M’s rear of house cat run is 7 metres long and 4 metres wide which would make most cats extremely happy.

Amazingly, this magnificent cat run is V & M’s stage one for their five cats and two dogs, and is such a success that an extension twice the size of the original (13 m long and 4 m wide) has now been constructed that completely covers their garden. As you can see they followed the contours of the rock wall and into the garden bed.